Wednesday, January 30, 2008

He came. He saw. He Conquered.....

Continuing the world's slowest comeback to competitive racing at the Knobbysports Dirt Crits on Wednesday, I was totally shocked to see Shrek himself lurking near the start finish line, with his number attached to his handlebars, ready to go. Jack laughingly asked if I was lining up against him in A Grade, to which my response was, well, not fit for publishing. Instead, I lined up in a lower grade and headed off a couple of minutes ahead of the smug looking Lamshed. I was going ok, picking up a rider here and there, yet still riding like a man who checked his manhood at the starters desk. To my surprise on the 3rd lap (it was most likely the 2nd) I hopped over a little log and powered (at least I thought I did) through a little bumpy section only to see Jack dive past me into a dusty hairpin. The lair. To add insult to injury he managed kick up a drying cow dung as he went by, placing it neatly on my bars. Thanks mate. I eventually pulled out, my collarbone it seems, still is kind of knocking or floating or something.
The real story was, unfortunately for me, Lamshed. He smashed it. Showing tremendous speed and aggression, he left the competition for dead. It would have being nice to see him go up against fellow Felt rider Scott Liston, but Scotty is saving himself for the big race this weekend. It basically meant that Jack had to race the clock and push himself hard. And he did. It left me as team manager feeling all warm and fuzzy and Jack feeling absolutely knackered and kind of regretting the decision to ride to the race. Congratulations Jack. Next time bring some of those Wednesday night Fatties riders with you..... If you want to see just how far Jack won by, check out the Knobbysports website. Click on the 'racing' link and bingo, lap times.


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