Sunday, August 30, 2009


Well, It's official - Neil Van Der Ploeg has taken out the First ever Tour de Timor.

From all accounts, was a great event, and I'm sure once Neil has recovered from the over night travel, he will have a report up here for all y'all to read about.

In other news, Paul is up at the AIS in Canberra in Worlds prep mode and busted out a VO2 test today, the text message went a little something like this "Just did a VO2 TEST! I managed to go longer than recorded AIS history! Completing 550 watts! On the test for 46 minutes..." Definately some positive signs for little Vandy there.

Also with Neils victory, Paul is pretty amped and in a great headspace going into the final week before worlds, should be a ripper.

Paul will race on Friday in the under 23 XC, so keep an eye both here and on cyclingnews for the results.


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